About MiPhones.co.za

Miphones act and offer a service whereby we import on your behalf the specific device listing(s) you have requested and fulfill delivery to your door.

Miphones uses only our Registered Xiaomi Authorized Partner Suppliers.

MiPhones are a Registered XiaoYi Authorized Partner/Distributor.


Stock showing available on the site generally requires 7-10 Days delivery.

You will be notified after checkout as to expected delivery date.


"Change of Mind" Return or Refund due to special import is not Valid.

Any returns must be delivered back to us in 7 days. The item must be unused and in original condition. We will at our expense arrange collection for you. Any other mode of return is prohibited.

If on the day you receive the phone/item and experience any type of problem/issue you must inform us immediately. Any attempt by the customer to upgrade or modify the software will render any warranty or refund void.

Any refund carries a 30% Handling fee.

Do not attempt to Flash or modify the stock Rom as this can be detected and will (as above) void any warranty or refund.  

Any device returned to us can take up to 40 Business Days to have fixed if the device needs to sent back to Xiaomi. (China)

It would be returned to the Manufacturer under their warranty and either fixed or replaced. The time it takes with shipping is inclusive but not defined.

We have a massive passion for Xiaomi since first encountering their products over 4 years ago. We have previously sold in small amounts on BidorBuy and decided this year to launch this site and get the South African market to understand and appreciate Xiaomi.

In the global market we are miles behind, but 10 years ago who were Huawei, 20 years ago we all loved Nokia...Times change and Xiaomi have not just entered the market to compete, but to lead. They are not just about mobile phones, but as we call it, " Xiaomi of Things" Please follow the other link in the footer as we release video's to explain more about Xiaomi.

Enjoy the site and Enjoy the products more!!