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Mi Black Shark

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Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Phone 5.99'' 6GB/64GB - 8GB/128GB Snapdragon 845 18:9 Full Screen Smartphone X Type Antenna Professional MIC 4000mAh

Black Shark Gaming Phone
English Language with China Rom
Snapdragon 845 | X type smart antenna | Professional MIC | Multi-stage direct-contact integrate
liquid cooling system | Independent image processing chip | 4000mAh Long-life Battery | SHARK Key:One key to enter the high performance game space | Biso sound effects
18:9 5.99'' Full Screen
Sports car styling, R-angle design matching knuckle arc, SHARK ambience lights,
In boot, incoming call, notification, and game scenarios, different effects are presented.
12.0MP+20.0MP Dual Rear Camera; 20.0MP Front Camera
Large aperture dual camera, professional portrait mode; intelligent scene recognition, dark light quality enhancement; front soft light, self-timer more clearer.
Snapdragon 845, Up to 2.8GHz
Multilayer Cooling-Kit
Cover all high heat modules. Efficient cooling of mobile phone core components, the processor can maintain high frequency and stable output for a long time.
Pixelworks Independent image processing chip
Independent image processing chip to provide high-quality image, clear picture , smooth video, no jitter, Delete Blu-ray with pixel-level , protect eyes more professional.
Professional MIC for games | Biso sound effects
X type smart antenna
One Key to enter Shark Mode


Game Dock, Only for games
In the game, use the fingerprint key can call out to the Dock, and more than ten kinds of optimization functions protect the game.