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MiMix 2

MiMix 2

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Full Screen Mi Mix 2 5.99"

Snapdragon 835  6GB - 64/128/256GB



xiaomi mix2
Full Screen 2.0
Thanks to the continuous evolution of the full screen technology, making the bottom of the screen to reduce the revolutionary 12% again,
bring a more pure viewing experience for 18: 9 full screen. Light up the moment, you will find that it looks like a full screen.
Xiaomi Mix 2 Mix2 8
5.99 "oversized screen
The body is smaller than the 5.5 "traditional mobile phones
Xiaomi Mix 2 Mix2 9
Such as art as elegant and bright
Slim four-surface ceramic
Fantastic four-surface ceramic back cover, ultra-light wear-resistant air 7 series aluminum frame, rounded design.
Looks Ambilight, holding in the hands of no trace of ridge, smooth and thin.
Xiaomi Mix 2 Mix2 10
Xiaomi Mix 2 Mix2 11
Design of New Catheter Microphone
Call quality improved significantly
Using high-power handset with precision design of the catheter structure, when the phone is connected, the sound quality than the first generation millet MIX significantly improved.
Even in a noisy environment, can still ensure a clear listening effect.
Xiaomi Mix 2 Mix2 12
Photo quality extremely good
4-axis optical image stabilization camera
Use the same as the Mi6's main camera, 1.25μm large pixel with professional camera,
Sunshine, dark light, one hand, can be stable and clear imaging.
Xiaomi Mix 2 Mix2 13
Xiaomi Mix 2 Mix2 15
Xiaomi Mix 2 Mix2 14
Global Frequency
Xiaomi MIX 2 supports the most mobile phone band at present among mobile phones, can be assured used in the global scope.Include B4 B20.......